I am worried, are my pictures going to be safe?

We fully appreciate this natural fear of letting go, even for a short while, of your precious photo memories. Rest assured that from the time we receive your pictures until the time they are returned to you with your digital images, they will be safely handled by Frientdly Foto’s trained professionals in our Michigan photo processing facilities.

Do you send my pictures out of the country to utilize less expensive labor?

You may be aware that some of our competitors send customer pictures to India, Mexico and other international locations. We don’t think your photos are safe and do not recommend this.

All of Friendly Foto’s work is done by our trained professionals in our Michigan photo processing facilities. Your pictures never leave our possession until our scanning job is completed and we ship your pictures and your digital images back to you.

How will I know the status of my order?

Friendly Foto will communicate with you via email every step of the way. During your order you will receive approximately five emails from Friendly Foto tracking your photos from the initial acknowledgement of your order through the final receipt of your original pictures and your scanned images.

What resolution are my photos scanned at?

Our standard service scans photos at 300dpi. This 300 dpi resolution is ideal for making reprints and slightly larger enlargements from your images. These JPEG scans are also ideal for sharing with others and using on web sites and in Power Point and other video presentations.

We also offer, at slightly higher costs, scanning at 600dpi and 1200 dpi for customers that have a need for higher resolution images.

Are my photos returned to me?

Yes, all of your original photos along with a digital DVD data disc of your scanned pictures are returned to you.

How long does it take to complete my scanning order?

Orders are typically completed within several days of receipt. This allows for professional scanning and a quality review check. If you have a special need for your order to be completed in an expedited fashion, we offer Expedited Handling for a small, incremental fee.

All of my pictures are in albums; can I send you the photo albums?

No, we require that all pictures be removed from photo albums and be free of all sticky substances.

What size pictures can Friendly Foto scan?

The smallest photo that can be included is 3×3 inches. The largest is 8.5 x 14 inches.

Can you scan cut out photos?

No, all photos must either be square or rectangular. We unfortunately cannot accept photos that are odd shaped or pictures that do not have four 90 degree corners.

I have a multifunction printer – copier – fax – scanner, can’t I use this to scan my own pictures?

You absolutely can. To scan a few pictures your multifunction printer/scanner would work just fine. In most cases it will be a slow and cumbersome process. When you have large quantities of pictures that you want to have digitized, Friendly Foto’s professional grade, high speed photo scanning equipment and service is a better solution.

Once I receive my digital images on DVD back from Friendly Foto, what can I do with them?

Your images are not copy protected and will be sent to you in a JPEG file format. They are yours to do as you please. You may edit the photos, create a slide show, make a photo book, put them into a digital photo frame, upload them to Facebook and other web sites, etc.

Can I play my DVD on my TV with my DVD player?

No, the DVD that we provide you with is not a video DVD. It only contains your JPEG file images. There are quite a few software tools that will easily allow you to make slideshows from these digital images.

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