Pricing is simple and is based on the total number of pictures scanned.

While there is no need to count your pictures in advance, you can get a rough idea of the number of pictures that you have as follows:

A one inch neatly stacked group pictures is approximately 100 pictures (10 inches is roughly 1,000 pictures)

Price per scan:


Photos scanned at 300dpi

$0.25 /scan


Photos scanned at 600dpi

$0.48 /scan


Photos scanned at 1,200dpi

$0.69 /scan

Please Note: Minimum order size is $25.00. Return shipping and handling will be billed as incurred (standard ground shipping will be used unless instructed otherwise). Digital images are in JPEG format.

Additional Options:

You will receive 1 CD/DVD of your scanned images (at no cost). Additional CD/DVD copies of your scanned images:

$9.00 /each

Extended Digital Archive (Scans typically kept for 30 days)

$18 for 6 months

$24 for 1 year

Rotate pictures for upright orientation :

$30 /300 photos

Expedited Processing (photos scanned and mailed back within 24 hours of receipt):

$25 /300 photos